Thursday, October 21, 2010

Assistant Trainer

After months of keeping the horses as little more than composting machines, I decided it was time to dust off the saddle. The sweet dear beasties usually endeavor to make my rides a bit more exciting than they really need to be so I thought I was prepared for anything they might offer.

First horse - nothing. A pleasant fall amble out into the woods. No fights, no acting up, no bad behavior. Heaven.

I don't ride the second horse very often (she is typically the visitor's horse) so we have no rapport. To compensate for that lack, I lunge her before I get on.

She had a few bucks in her but nothing major. HOWEVER, someone was way too excited about seeing the little pony running around the ring.

Cruella was so over the top, I had to send her home. Which she couldn't believe. She would run a few paces toward the house then turn around to see if I really meant it. When she understood that I was serious, she moped most of the way home, stopping when she thought she was out of sight.

"Go on now," I told her.

She was crushed. Sad. I swear, even from a distance I could see a teardrop or two.

She will probably come through it okay though. She did the same thing again today.

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Sparrow's Ramblings said...

poor sweet cruella.. So abandoned.. So alone. I can just imagine her face! Her expressions are awesome! Glad you didn't get bucked off. I like you in one piece!