Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Big Test

Bassman came home this weekend and on Monday we were invited to watch our neighbor defend her doctoral dissertation. We fancied ourselves up a bit (which means there was an iron involved. An iron that needed dusting before using) and headed out to the big city.

This was my first, and probably only, chance to see what is involved in that final homestretch run. Wow. For an hour and a half she had these obscure questions fired at her. At one point, I remember wondering how she could possibly remember the question let alone the details of her answer. Then I reminded myself that she has been immersed in that data for the last 5 years. It seemed no more difficult for her than reciting her address.

Needless to say, the committee's decision was quick. They had barely sent her out of the room before one of them came out and said, "Congratulations Dr. Streeter."

Well, for all of those who know me, here's a surprise. I got teary eyed.

But I don't think I was the only one.

So once again I wish to say Congratulations Dr. Streeter. And thank you so much for the privilege of being there to witness it. It was an honor.


annest said...

Now you are making me cry!!! WE loved that you and Bassman used one of you rare days together to come watch. Means a lot. But then I already knew that we have THE BEST NEIGHBORS IN THE WORLD. And if you enjoyed ironing...I can sure send some stuff over so I don't have to dust mine off!!!! Thanks again

Mara said...

I remember when my brother did his on neurology. I didn't understand a word of it, but I was proud of him. The amount you have to know and remember just frizzles my brain.

I love the hair post. I once went to the hairdresser and got my hair cut to fit my face. When I got home my mum thought she herself was coming through the door. Needless to say I let my hair grow again from that moment onwards.