Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It rained today which made it a perfect day for pulling a few weeds. Since I have so many it is difficult to decide where to start. Directly in front of the house (where the gazillion bees are) seemed like the best place because it is what everyone sees when they stop by.

In addition to the acres of lamb's ear, I also have several statues stuck in that area. One of which, the cow, has made several appearances on my blogs. She thinks she is special.

Apparently she is not the only one that thinks she is special. When I lifted her so I could yank the weeds from around her, I noticed a snake. A snake. See how calmly I can write that? Almost as if it didn't bother me.

But I was bothered. Because this snake was at least 30' long with a hinged jaw like a great white shark. Fangs a good 18" long. Hooded like a cobra. Maybe even rattles. I couldn't tell at first glance because I was too busy screaming. And running. And making plans to put the house up for sale.

I swear, it looked almost exactly like this one;

Almost. I came inside and googled it. Hmm. Eastern Garter Snake. No, a baby eastern garter snake. Good for eating bugs and what not. Perhaps not quite as dangerous as I originally thought.

Knowing it is living under the cow still creeps me out (and you can believe that she won't get moved again before the snow flies!) but I may rethink selling the house.

Unless it starts hanging out on the porch. Just in case that happens, I am putting United Country on speed dial.


Kate said...

Ah ha ha! You kill me!

Hey, can't you just send that vicious doggie of yours over to rattle the snake a bit, maybe get it to move to a new statue or maybe the neighbor's house or something?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Uh, I can't believe I am going to reveal this but I think my aggressive doggie has been sleeping with the snake. In the middle of my daylilies.

annest said...

Don't send him this way!! But he is a good snake....

Misfit in Paradise said...

If there really is such a thing?