Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures in Southwest Colorado

We decided to do some shopping in the little town of Mancos which is where we stayed. A lovely town with a prospering art community from the looks of things.

I was tempted to buy this and take it home to the C-dog as a role model but the $450 price tag deterred my good intentions.

After a few more moderate purchases we headed to the Expo. However, it was a beautiful sunny day and we had to drive right past the entrance to Mesa Verde and our friends had never been there and the car seemed to pull in that direction so we gave in to fate and headed up the hill.

On the way to the cliff dwelling sites that were open we passed a small group of horses running free. They were in too good of shape for me to believe they were mustangs. No, I think they were probably escapees who had ditched their orange jumpsuits somewhere and couldn't figure out what to do with their freedom. They were still in the same place on our way out of the park.

The Cliff Dwellings were just as awe inspiring as the last time I was there. There were much fewer tourists so everything had a more leisurely feel. A delicious way to spend an afternoon.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Awesome adventure!!

Mara said...

$450 to hang Scooby Doo on your wall? Wow, stick to the poster!

Love the cave dwellings and wouldn't mind seeing them for myself some day!

Misfit in Paradise said...

One of these days before leaving Colorado I would like to take the tour over to them.