Saturday, March 20, 2010

4 Corners Ag Exposition

Nouveau, it must have been your good wishes that did the trick because we did make it to Cortez safely. That said I will admit that Lizard Head pass scared a good 10 years off my life. Nothing like gusting snow at 10,000 feet to get your attention.

Once through the pass, it was downhill to our destination. Bassman and I were lucky enough to be invited by our NY (now you know they're Yankees but don't hold that against them. Of course y'all remember that I am a Yankee transplant too so I can get away with saying that.) friends. Let me tell you, I am having a ball. Plenty of presentations on the Parelli method of horse relationships, something I have been curious about for a large number of years.

For today the big event is a ranch rodeo which should be mega-entertaining. It's also fun for me to see what is new on the ranching front. Like watering tanks made out of BIG old tires. And have you ever seen a stuffed rooster? Me neither. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are Bassman) it had already been sold. It would have looked great in my kitchen!


Kate said...

Love the stuffed rooster, but I'm not sure I'd want to buy him and set him in my kitchen.. but that's just me!*

I like to watch the natural horsemanship shows aired on RFDTV, and Chris P. is one the best, I reckon! Pretty cool to view his teachings live! Have a blast!

*Maybe a living one someday? Though they sure like to crow early in the morning...

Misfit in Paradise said...

As far as roosters go, I prefer the stuffed kind!