Monday, March 16, 2009

After 4 days of doom, gloom, and rain the sun finally decided to make a brief appearance around 7 p.m. Cruella and I were so excited we went out for some serious frisbeetoy time.

I threw the F.T. up into the pasture while she was looking in the other direction. She didn't notice where it landed and had to go hunt for it. In the above photo you can see that it took her a few minutes (she is headed in the opposite direction).

This particular F.T. has a hole in the center. It makes it easier for her to pick up. And the 'halo effect' is an added benefit.

During a retrieval, Cruella got distracted by a mole trail. She started digging like a house afire.

She didn't find any moles but she did come away with a dirty nose and tongue.

The forecaster tells me that tomorrow will be sunny and warm. Chances are good that the two of us will be getting in some more quality F.T. time.

It's a tough life but somebody has to do it!


Morgan the Muse said...

Looks like such hard work! I spent some quality time strolling around with my dog today. Probably will tomorrow, as well. I love Spring break.

annest said...

That dobie is something else -- she knows how to enjoy life, that's for sure! We can learn a lot from our dogs! Enjoy the day.