Friday, March 13, 2009

Will It Never End?

Oh yeah, the weaning continues. It has been two weeks since I began the separation so I thought I might try turning LD out today. I was concerned that Vivid would try to nurse and I had read that Vick's Vapo on the mare would discourage that.

Since LD wasn't about to rub the stuff on her own bag, I would have to do it. I grabbed the Vicks and started slathering it on her. I stupidly let my guard down (thinking what a good natured horse she was) and had a very loose lead on her. Apparently she didn't care for what I was doing much because she bit me. On the, uh, derriere. Tore my pocket right off my pants.

That was my hint that I was done. I led LD into the pasture and the way Vivid went at that bag made me think she may have a genuine fondness for the taste of Vick's. So much for that advice.

At the end of this encounter, LD went back in the barn. Vivid suffered severe disappointment. And I spent the evening trying to figure out a comfortable way to sit.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she really did like it and that was her way of flirting with you...a good nibble on the ass! I myself have been known to do that when someone runs my ...ahem...well you know. Terralyn

annest said...

Your horses are smart -- they know exactly how to get your attention! Thanks for the tip on NOT using Vick's on the horses.

Anonymous said...

i still found it funny.
sorry if it hurt.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Okay, EVERYONE thinks it was funny! I bet the horse is even laughing!