Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today was a fabulous day. Sunny and warm. I decided to spend the afternoon out gathering pictures for the other blog.

Now some people might take a map when they head out on such missions but I find maps interfere with the feeling of freedom. I am a firm believer that if I come to an ocean, in any direction, I have gone too far.

Heading out on back roads in our small county is such a treat. People wave and smile. Hey, even the mules are friendly. Quite photogenic too I might add!

No oceans today. A river or two but that was about it. Maybe next time.


Fr. Bob Lemmon said...

For a moment i thought that being cooped up was having an effect on LD...It was a beautiful day. glad you were able to get out to enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Yeah people in the back hills of KY wave and smile... that is until you try to turn around in their driveway, then they get their shot guns out.
I love just driving too. It is a very freeing thing to do, I agree. Terralyn

Misfit in Paradise said...

Hey! What are you hinting at?

annest said...

Keep those photos coming! I see a table top book....A day in the life of our county!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Wouldn't that be sweet?