Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super bowl XXXXXXX (I think)

Three guesses as to what this could mean. That's right, Super Bowl Party. I am also serving veggies but I didn't want them to contaminate the photo with all their healthful goodness.

Having lived in Tundra Land for all those years, I should be a Steeler's fan. Hey, I even have my own 'Terrible Towel' (unh huh, unh huh). But there is something to be said for those tough little Cardinals (aren't they just so cute?). I don't think any team could want it more than they do.

Enough football talk. You know we are all just in it for the commercials! If the Diet Pepsi 'I'm Good' ad is any indication it should be a banner year. Now, more than ever, we could use a good chuckle.

(Side note - That 'now, more than ever' phrase makes my head want to explode.)

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