Friday, January 30, 2009

Road Trip Home

I am back in the Bluegrass. And boy howdy, is it cold! Who authorized this temperature?

My Honda car was jam packed full. The dogs shared the back seat while the luggage, cats, and everything you need to live for 3 months were in the back. It looked like the Joad's (you figure out the literary reference. 50 points if you do it without google.) were hitting the road again.

This was at the welcome center in Tennesee. 100 points if anyone can figure out what it is!

On the trip, I mostly listened to XM talk radio. I just can't get enough hearing about the gloom and doom of our future.

Anyway, one of the stations had a commercial with Dick Van Patten. The product was some kind of super joint healer type thing (I guess. I confess I didn't listen too closely) and the premise was that it works so well ole' Dick can play basketball again. After his spiel, you hear a ball being dribbled.

Hunh. You go guy. However I couldn't help but think that Dick is getting up there in years. So of course one of the first things I did when I got home was to go online and see just how old Dick the hoopster is.

80. That's right, eighty!

I came to the only possible conclusion. That if we all took this miracle product (whatever it was) we would all be able to play a mean game of radio b-ball. Who wants to be on my team?

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Anonymous said...

i'll take the 100 points and stop there, alex