Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Upper Crust

I am still in South Carolina waiting out a winter storm. I guess Kentucky doesn't want me back yet.

While I am on the island, I live in an apartment complex. It is not a place I would normally be able to afford. It is also not a lifestyle I would typically embrace. I am not used to having my neighbors quite so close. I also can't seem to get comfortable with the aloof upper crust.

Perhaps that is because I don't have enough class. Like my next door neighbor. She is pretty classy. Now I can't say she is an alcoholic because I don't know her well enough, but I can swear beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a drunk. She once confessed to me that she had to go 5 days without a glass of wine due to illness. It was very stressful for her.

The other night her very classy son came screaming into the parking lot in his expensive pickup. He jumped out of the truck and when he saw his mom and her high class boyfriend he started yelling.

"I've been drinking margaritas for hours now! Where have you guys been?"

They continued to engage in what must have been a gentile chat (because they are so upper class) at an incredibly loud volume. Some horrible swearing followed (actually made me blush and I have been known to outswear sailors!) and then they went into their condo where, from my apartment, it sounded like they were engaged in a falling down contest.

Yup. I am just too much the unwashed hordes to be able to fit in with the upper crust. And I think that is a good thing.

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annest said...

Yep.... close quarters make for interesting stories about your neighbors. Ahhh...for the wide open spaces...where sound travels far on crystal clear, cold mornings. Where sometimes I can yell at my neighbor down the way and she can hear me, and other times, depending on the way the wind blows, she can't hear me (and vice versa). And where folks are just regular least the ones I've met so far! No snootiness allowed in the backwoods!