Monday, January 12, 2009


I subscribe to a plethora of magazines. Better Homes & Gardens, Country Home, Country, and Southern Living just to name a few. Every so many years my brain leaves my head and I subscribe to a totally inappropriate rag. Last years brain lapse was Victorian (who can live such a fussy lifestyle?).

This year it was Coastal Living. I believe my thinking was along the lines of I will be spending a great deal of time on an island so surely this magazine will have some relevancy. Hey, it made sense to me.

The first issue came. Oh look, a cute little cottage for rent. Hmm, turn to the page that has the info about rentals. A mere $10,000 a week. Need some new blankets for your bed? These twin size ones are only $850. For the summer lightweight. The menus? All seafood (go figure!) which is one step above cat food as far as I am concerned. Of the 10 issues I have received none of them had even a scrap of information that was useful to me.

Unless you are dying to know where you can get the fabulous blankets. I'll be glad to make a referral.


Morgan the Muse said...

oh, I hate those magazines where they advertise things that the average person could not afford. Geez. Unless you are into making yourself feel bad about being middle class. I am not so much.

Misfit in Paradise said...

O is pretty good at advertising overpriced things too.