Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm sure many of you are familiar with Topix. My perception of it is that it's a message board/gossip site. It plugs you into your neighborhood, complete with all its blemishes.

To access , type topix.com or topix.net into your address bar and you will be directed to the area closest to you. To further refine, type in the zip code of the area you are interested in. Once you sign up, you will always be directed to the area you chose.

Now that the technical talk is out of the way (as techie as I get anyway), onto the purpose of this post.

In our small town, people post items for sale, upcoming events, thank you's, etc. Since we are limited to a weekly newspaper, this helps keep us up to date.

Why else do we go? Because we are a curious folk. And if there is an accident, robbery, break in, any police call actually, the scanner junkies post it online ASAP. We want the dirt. This is our very own tabloid.

I am not passing judgement here. I love the site. What floors me is when someone will sign in, knowing what to expect, and then begin preaching about how horrible we are for accessing such a place.

Excuse me? Here's a thought. If we are slimeballs wallowing around in the depths of degradation and childish behavior it's because we like it. What is their justification?

One commenter stated they only read the entries to see who needs praying for. My suggestion was to pray for everyone. Then no one will have to dirty themselves by hanging with the rest of us sinners unless they want to.

And oh, they will want to. Why? Because we may be catty but we are also a whole lotta' fun to be around.


Morgan the Muse said...

hey, it sounds good. At least you guys are not doing your gossiping in the back of your church. Although, if you guys had blackberries and cellphones, I guess you could be. But why bother going to the church?

Vanessa Rogers said...

I've never heard of Topix but it sounds like I need to check it out.

Misfit in Paradise said...

I don't know if it works outside of the US!

Starrlight said...

Interesting concept! Sounds like it could digress into something less than wonderful though. Of course I can be a cynic ;)

And glad you liked Across The Universe! I think it was under publicized =)

Kate said...

Thanks for the snicker again Paradise. ;)