Friday, January 2, 2009

A Marathon I Finished!

Ah, the holidays! We all do something out of the ordinary at this time of year. Some of us bake cookies, some work in soup kitchens, some play (SPOILER ALERT!) Santa. For me, this was my initial entry into the Olympic version of 'Outlet Shopping After Christmas'.

I am not a big shopper. For years my Christmas purchases involved many, many visits from the UPS man. Truth be told, even some of this years gifts came from the big brown truck.

But after Christmas, my father and his wife came down. Sandy is a multi-gold-medalist shopper. She finds the best bargains anywhere. Combine her with all the outlet malls around here and the itinerary was set!

Before we hit the outlets, we hit the mall in Savannah. Because that is where the nearest Hot Topic (every time I say that name I think of Jim Gaffigan with his 'Hot Pockets!') is which has the coolest baby clothes! Oh yeah, Spencer's has some great ones too (I can't wait to see the baby in her Roller Derby dress!).

Then it was off to Tanger. Let me tell you, we hit the shops. Big shops, little shops, consignment shops. Whatever kind of shop offered.

Three days. Three days of finding almost every bargain available in this neck of the woods.

I learned a lot during my apprenticeship at the feet of the master. The biggest lesson was this takes endurance. It is not for wussies. And for heavens sake, TRAIN FIRST!

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