Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today was the day. It was time to take down the Christmas decorations. I felt like that guy in the Verizon commercial. Kinda' sad. I hate trading all the beautiful colors of the holidays for the greys of winter. There ought to be some kind of law forbidding such things.

There was a bright spot though. It was such a sunny and warm day I decided to take Sid Notvicious to the dog park.

When we arrived there were more dogs than usual (I guess everybody was taking advantage of the 75 degree weather) but the majority of them were in the area for small dogs. Cruella would have probably preferred that area but that would have made the other owners nervous. Into the big dog area she went.

At first, everything went a-okay. She did the 'I want to play' crouch thing and the others responded. They tore around for a grand total of a minute and a half until one of the dogs snapped at her.

"Outta' here!"

It's a big responsibility owning such a killer animal.

(PS. Happy Birthday Bassman!)

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Morgan the Muse said...

I know what you mean, I kind of want to keep them up for a bit longer... I think it is allowed. Not sure, though. Depends on how the other occupants of this house feel about it. :3