Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas on the Course

Apparently the golf course is closed on Christmas. Our clues to that were there were no flags on any of the holes and no carts in sight. This translates into 'Free golf for the locals'.

This was my first Christmas actually on the course (last year we were in Ridgeland). The first 'twelvesome' took me by surprise (another clue it was not a normal day!). By the fifth or sixth group it was old hat.

With groups that large it took them some time to get around the course. And we all know (even us non-golfers) if you are golfing in the afternoon you will need some sustenance to get you through it. Liquid libations would be necessary. One industrious group towed their bar with them on a little red wagon.

The duffers did not play with their usual calm, solemn demeanor. Heck no! These guys were cheering and booing and busting each others butts. It looked like they were all having a ball.

If that is the way most golf rounds happened, I might actually think of taking up the sport! However, I believe the hallowed halls of golfdom will be safe from me for a few more years.


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

That does sound a whole lot more fun than a normal round. :D

Modern Philodoxos said...

golf can be fun if you are playing with people who dont take it too seriously and don't have a problem getting drunk while doing it. my family takes it VERY seriously and they're a drag to play with, especially since i suck. i really just like to drive the golf cart.