Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am a huge music fan. In high school, I once broke up with a boyfriend because he didn't own any albums. I married a drummer and then a bass player. I attend as many concerts as possible. I make music as much a part of my life as I can without actually playing an instrument.

Obviously a fan such as myself has to have a way to obtain her music fixes. My favorites are;

A) XM Radio. Yes, it has merged with Sirius which makes the station line-up hit and miss right now, but it is still the best thing going in radio. Very few commercials (I have only heard them on the talk channels), any genre music you can imagine, and you can listen to the same channel across the entire country. Even while traveling through the mountains, the signal rarely drops out. I would give up my cable before I would let the XM subscription expire.

B) Pandora Radio ( This is internet radio. You can choose either by genre or specific bands. Pandora searches for other artists who have the same style as you chose. I have learned about several new bands on this site. I can also keep it running in the background while I surf.

C) Itunes. Yep, I actually buy my music. This place is great when I only want one song instead of the entire CD (ie Silent Lucidity).

D) Target! I love this store. The music is not censored liked at the evil Walmart and the prices are great. I like having CD's. I think they hold up better than the mp3 format and I can take them in the car, play them on a super loud stereo (when I am where I have no close neighbors), or even just read the lyrics.

So remember kids, music is necessary. Because, after all, how can you have Paradise if you don't have a soundtrack?


annest said...

Yeah...but if you pretty much listen to one CD over and over again for months, who needs satellite radio! I will say I'm glad to know about Internet radio as I am hoping Santa is going to bring me noise cancelling headsets to plug into my computer to drown out the sound of TV in the other room while I'm working! I'd like the ones with a cable....not the wireless ones that eat up batteries! And I do love listening to Holly (822) on XM.....on my Direct TV to love the holidays!! Merry christmas to all!

annest said...

Now I will attest to this blogger's great love of music! Just ask her about 9-inch nails! She has opened my eyes to music I would never have enjoyed before.....glory hallelujah

Misfit in Paradise said...

I have been listening to Holly this week too!

Antonio said...

I've had Sirius for years. I still love it, even with the merge. But, I'm very upset that they took away two of my favorite channels, the old school rap and the disco channels. I am glad to have picked up the Cinemagic channel though.

Misfit in Paradise said...

I seem to be a creature of habit. I listen to the same channel as I used to but it now has a new name. Same 'DJ's' though.

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

I love Pandora, but unfortunately, my computer does not. That and I got tired of hearing the same songs in the same order on the same channel day after day. I do not have a clue why it did that, but it would. Ugh!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I use the quick mix on Pandora. It helps keep things mixed up a bit.