Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm sure there are some people out there who immediately know what this is. For those who don't, the answer is;
Heaven. The end (or beginning) of a civilized world. One of the most wonderful things to have ever come out of the south. A reason, by itself, for a trip to Savannah. What the average Joe calls a praline.

I had never tasted one of these before I came to this area. I was hesitant at first (Fool!) but the person handing out samples finally convinced me to give it a try.

Oh, the years that I have wasted in my life! To know that I could have been partaking of these delicacies and instead, I had been living a humdrum life. Husband, children, work, BUT NO PRALINES. AARGH!

The first year of my acquaintance with them was, like all new relationships, completely consuming (groan). I could not get enough. They invaded my dreams. I looked for excuses to go to Savannah just to get my fix. Golden brown, filled with pecans, cream, and sugar. What more could anyone possibly ask from life?

As time passed, my feelings cooled off. The sugar was cloying, nauseating, too much. I had burned through our ties (Good thing too or I would weigh even more!). It was time to scale back.

For 6 months, I avoided them completely (amazingly easy to do when you are 600 miles away). Now, I can buy a box and not eat all of them at once. This particular box has been here for over a week! The control is amazing.

I have had pralines from Beaufort, SC, Hilton Head, and 2 different stores in Savannah. Without a doubt, Savannah's Candy Kitchen is the absolute best. Located at City Market or River St. If you go, just save some for me.

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