Friday, August 22, 2008

Union Station

The place is huge. As unlike the Maysville station as you can get. The conductor had asked me if I wanted a Red Cap to help me with my luggage and I told him yes. It was taking forever though so I decided to just walk in.

Those walkways are fairly narrow. There are a ton of people hustling to get into the station, a ton of people hustling to catch their outgoing trains, and the Red Caps in their motorized carts honking at absolutely everyone. Pure chaos.

I made it inside. Because I had a sleeper compartment for the next leg, I was entitled to hang out in the Metropolitan Lounge. That didn't mean much to me until I got in there. Close to the trains, free beverages and snacks, bathrooms that were HUMAN SIZED, and a place to drop the bags while I found some lunch.

Upstairs, directly over the lounge, was the Food Court. Exactly like every other Food Court in every mall in America. Still, it was quick and fairly cheap. I only had an hour before I had to board the California Zephyr.

I took my lunch back to the lounge, found a place to sit, and partook of my sweet and sour chicken (for you Judy!). By the time I was done the Zephyr was boarding. I was looking forward to seeing what my roomette looked like.

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