Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Here it is, the roomette. About the size of a large restaurant booth. Barely visible, over my foot, is a narrow mirror with a small shelf underneath. The shelf is where you would put your suitcase if you were traveling with a companion. My feet are resting on the other seat.

On the side I am sitting is a small area for hanging clothes (to give an idea of the size, there were 2 hangers there which was about all it would hold.)and the only outlet in the roomette. I switched back and forth between keeping the laptop and the cellphone plugged in.

Overhead is the second bunk. It is sloped up to the ceiling causing the room to be shorter near the window. It is also where they store both mattresses.

The short curtain is the window into the aisle and the longer curtain covers the door which also has a window in it. Some people left their door open but their curtain closed. That lets in more air but it also increases the noise volume.

Shower facilities and the majority of the toilets were downstairs in the car. Soap and towels were provided.

On the top floor (where I was) was the courtesy beverage center for our car. Coffee, tea, bottled water, fruit juices, and ice were available from 6amn to 10 pm.

After traveling from Chicago to Grand Junction, Colorado on Amtrak, I will forever be convinced a roomette is the only way to go! In addition to the wonderful service there were all the awe inspiring sights right outside my window. Such as...

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