Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Urban Legends

Okay, I think it is time to begin to explore my Bookmark (I am sure you are on pins and needles wondering about my preferences!). My favorite fact checker/urban legend debunker has to be

At Snopes,the search option makes it easy to check a specific legend such as “Does Aspartame Cause Brain Cancer?” (If you are wondering, the answer is no).

The page lays out the claim and the status of the claim first thing. A copy of the original letter or email immediately follows along with an explanation of the origin of the story.

This is a great site for research, reference, or even an occasional laugh. It’s also a great asset for anyone’s Bookmark or Favorites list.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

I never pass on a warning or request without Snoping it first. But lately the mass mailers are smartening up. They wil now claim underneath a worthless piece of junk that it has been checked by Snopes. Do your own Snoping! Always!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I agree! Thanks for visiting my blog!