Sunday, March 30, 2008

Technology update

I am one of those people who, once they buy a new piece of technology, expect it to last forever. An example would be that I am using Windows ME for my OS. Hey, it was great when I bought it in 1999, why shouldn’t it still be good?

Therefore, it should be no surprise that I was using an old clamshell type cell phone. No camera, no texting, no nothing. Well, not quite true. I could play an extremely tiny game of chess. And while it may be hard to believe, once was enough for the chess thing.

But the old cell phone plan wasn’t working so well for my husband and I. It was time to upgrade.

The best provider for the area in the country we are next headed to is Verizon. The local Wal-Mart on the island sells Verizon plans and new phones. With a 2 year agreement, the Chocolate would be free and the Juke would be $25. I took one of each and let my husband decide which one he wanted.

Boy howdy, did I get lucky! He chose the Chocolate!

They both have cameras but the Juke is also an MP3. As is it has a capability of 250 songs. If I wished to purchase a chip, I could add another 250. The phone came with ear buds and a USB cable.

I don’t know how to access my itunes with it. Instead I used Windows Media and ripped my CDs. It is absolutely wonderful! It certainly makes treadmill time a bit more bearable.

While I upgraded my phone I also learned about Apparently my husband and I were the only ones on the planet that didn’t know about the free ringtones site. Live and learn.

If I stay on this technological fast track next thing I know, I may be buying a GPS or a wireless keyboard!

Whoa now. Let’s not get carried away!

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