Thursday, February 7, 2008


Another fine evening at what used to be called Monkey Business but has since be renamed Stages. I love the fact that, on this small island, there is a venue where I can see great bands at a completely reasonable price. My only complaint is that it is so small and we really get packed in.
Tuesday night my daughter and I had our usual spot at the end of the bar, directly in front of the stage. For the first band (whose name escapes me at this moment) it was a great place to be. When Drowning Pool made their appearance, it got a bit more crowded. Hotter too. But they sounded great and the crowd loved them. Lots of energy all the way around.
Then Saliva came out. The crowd doubled in size but the room didn't. We were jammed in like, well, like sardines I might say if I didn't mind using a cliche. Tight. Close. Hot. Our little spot at the bar became the edge of the mosh pit.
This is not the kind of band I expect moshing at. Powerman 5000 didn't even get head bangers and Saliva has hard core moshers? What is the world coming to?
We stuck it out as long as we could but the heat, slamming, and body odor finally drove us to the back of the room. In front of the open door. The best place to finish the evening.
Even so we were some of the last ones out of the joint. Which was great news for Stacy since it meant she got to meet the guitar player. Good time.
And I didn't even talk about the chicks making out in the bathroom!

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