Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gators & Golfers

It's Feb. 5th and 80 degrees! Definitely not what I am used to. This weather has brought out every gator and golfer within a 200 mile radius.
The big boy gators have been out all winter but the babies (less than 3') have been spending their time buried in the mud. For today they seem to have had enough of that snoozing.
Golfers have been out all winter too but not in this number. You can't drive down the street without being in danger of running over a cart. I also have to watch for errant golf balls on my upstairs porch. The danger of living on a course.
On a side note, tonight is another show at the former Monkey Business club (now Stages). Saliva and Drowning Pool. What this means is that I won't be able to hear a thing tomorrow. I love these kinds of nights! My 30 year old daughter will be going with me. It has been great watching her at all the wonderful shows we have attended this year. It's a whole new world for her.

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