Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ambulance chasers

On 2/7/8, this area experienced an explosion at the Imperial Sugar Refinery (known locally as Dixie Crystal). Seven bodies have been recovered, 1 body is still llisted as missing, and 1 person has died at the Augusta Burn Center. 15 people are still in critical condition and 2 are in serious condition at the Burn Center.
Imperial Sugar set up an account accepting donations for the victims. At least 3 hotels offered free lodging for out of town family members. Blood drives have exceded expecations. The Red Cross and Salvation Army were onsite offering their services almost immediately.
The location of the plant is in a fairly small community of 5,000. Almost everyone in the community has some connection to the refinery. Port Wentworth is hurting.
On 2/12/8, less than one week after the explosion, the greedy ambulance chasing attorneys began advertising in the area. A full page ad in the Savannah Morning News and television ads on the local affiliates. Mark & Associates with offices in NY and Boston and Dallas attorney Jeffrey D. Slakters were two of the offending firms.
This has not set well with the general public. Not in Port Wentworth, not in Savannah, not in the South Carolina low country. There has been so much angry reaction that Mark & Davis closed their website. The local NBC affiliate decided to no longer accept such ads.
It makes me sad to know that we have vultures such as these attorneys. It delights me that the community pressured these firms that they backed down a bit. I'm so proud of this area for taking the higher road. May they be an example to the rest of the country.

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