Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MacArthur Had Nothing On Me

Okay, I know I have been gone awhile but I was working. For six days in a row! Can you imagine?

Yeah, I know, some of you have done that for years. No biggie. You even voluntarily get up in the morning (shudder). I, however, have been out of that loop for a bit. A bit being 16 years. You can understand my need for some adjustment time.

Another item throwing a wrench in the works is where I am employed. I work in the county south of us which is in the Central Time Zone. Slow time. That means I have to leave for work 1/2 hour after I am supposed to be there. While that's not too terrible (an extra hour of sleep), the flip side is that I get home 1 1/2 hours after I get out of work. Makes for a short night.

But I am adjusting. Truthfully, it is nice being out and meeting new people. And I am disproving the adage "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". It's just taking me a little longer!

And that is why my blog has been soooooooooo empty lately. Yet now I have returned. You had to know I couldn't leave you for too long! I just won't be able to see you quite as often as before.


Mara said...

I am not getting up voluntarily at 4am to go to work! Whoever gave you that idea?

I would get so confused about those different timezones. Couldn't you just change temporarily to the other time thingy?

Misfit in Paradise said...

I keep my watch set for slow time.