Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of the questions that has found its way across my desk this week is, "Do you have a good memory for some things and not others?"

Yes. Thanks for stopping by.

What's that? Some examples perhaps? Okay, but only because you asked so prettily.

What did I have for breakfast yesterday? Or today? And is today Monday or Tuesday? No clue. The first two questions are not worth the effort involved in trying to remember and as to day of the week, well there is always the date/time stamp in the lower right corner of the computer screen. No need to fill my head with those details.

My head is filled with decades worth of material now and I'm not sure I want to do the reorganizing necessary to make room for new stuff. And even if I did, which memories should I toss? The memory of my Father's scratchy kiss when I walked into his house after driving 13 hours to get there? Or the birth of my two wonderful children? Perhaps I don't need to clutter my head with my wedding day to Bassman? No, I think I'll keep those.

I realize that my brain has plenty of room for new memories and I'm sure I will continue sticking some up there. But I'm pretty sure that yesterday's breakfast will never make the cut.


Mara said...

When I am talking with my brother about things in the past, he doesn't remember half the things I do. It's strange, because we did them together, but I guess it shows how it's important to me and less to him. He will probably have memories I don't.

And about yesterday's breakfast? I think it was lunch!

annest said...

My motto -- I remember the important things. Works for me!