Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be Careful

I don't have cable or satellite television, a fact I occasionally brag about. As if that makes me better than anyone else. Uh, nope.

Because I have Netflix and a Wii. So my television can be as busy as I want it to be (as long as Fuchsia doesn't need the net for work).

Usually that is a couple hour binge once a week. UNTIL I found this, that is;

It took me about 15 minutes into the first show before I felt the pull of addiction. Now I am into season 2. I tell myself, "I'll just watch one" and next thing I know it's past midnight.

Like all addictions, I begin to panic when I see my supply start to dwindle. And let me tell you boys and girls, that supply is dropping fast. At this point there are only 7 shows left that I can stream before I have to switch to the hard stuff. Yeah, that's right, the dreaded disc.

So the lesson here is to always remain humble. Cause as soon as you start climbing on your high horse and getting all superior, Dexter comes along.

Let's just hope it's not in person.


annest said...

Hmmm. Guess I should try Dexter. I'm just happy that the new season of Army Wives started last night!!

alphawoman said...

I love Dexter. I wait in anticipation for the new season to begin.