Monday, November 22, 2010

The Weekend

It was a busy one. On Friday, Fuchsia and I drove to South Carolina. She drove to Knoxville and I took over from there. By the time we hit 95 (a road that causes my brain to stutter at the best of times) it was dark. It didn't help that I was working a mini-migraine. I'll tell you what, you haven't lived until you attempt to drive down the busiest road in North America (where people go from 75 to 0 because they see a flower or some such thing) with your vision all screwed up. It adds that oh so fun element of danger. Good times.

But, as you can tell, we survived. Unfortunately for Bassman and Stacy, Fuchsia and I weren't at our best that evening. I think we were all in bed by 9. Saturday was spent recuperating and preparing for the Cutest Toddler in the World's second birthday party.

Sunday was the big day. The CTITW is still young enough that she doesn't realize what a birthday is but, boy howdy, her mom knows. Mom was practically vibrating with stress by the time the first guest arrived while the kid was more concerned with who was going to push her on the swing next (I'm pretty sure she handed out numbers and everyone had to take one).

Things moved along fairly smoothly at the party. There was a minor meltdown when the Midge had to get OFF the swing, but other than that, it was all good. Even the weather cooperated with a sunny 75 degree day. That never would have happened in Tundra Land. It's a good thing CTITW had the sense to be born in the south.

(BTW, everyone got in the party mood)

The party ended in the early evening and all the adults who were left standing decided to have a campfire. Why? Well, the evening was a bit chilly and (you are not going to believe this) one of the men (who is over 50) had never had a smore! Up until last summer, Bassman was the same way. How does that happen? Were they raised by wolves? Communists? Anti-marshmallow people?

Whatever the reason, we brought his smores drought to an end. Not only did he get to experience the regular version, but we also cooked up several of the gourmet type (peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bar).

As gourmets, and having demonstrated our willingness to push the envelope by trying such new and crazy things, don't be surprised if the food network asks us to host a show.


NouveauBlogger said...

The mere mention of driving I-95 anywhere makes me nauseous, but my experiences in the mid-Atlantic region is an absolute nightmare! And with a migraine? Oh my!

CTG Ponies said...

Peanut butter cups makes everything better!!

annest said...

I didn't even know you had gone till a day or so ago! Tells you how observant I am. explains why I never saw your car! Glad you are there for turkey day, midget's birthday. Got our outside decorations done during 70-degree weather .... ending that soon with possible snow on Friday. Yeah!!!

Kate said...

TCTITW is also the Smartest TITW! Born in the south.. how cosmically wise of her! Birthday parties in warm weather rock! Tell her mine is in early March, combine that with living in Tundra Land New England makes for a freezing cold birthday that nobody wants to celebrate.

C Dog looking regal there.

Love the low light campfire pic... B Man looks happy and relaxed.

I haven't had a Smore in a million years..

Mara said...

Well, if it resembles the A3 through Germany which is choc-a-bloc full with lorries at any time of the day (bar Sunday, when they're not allowed on the road), I can see your problem.

And what's a smore?

Misfit in Paradise said...

A smore is a toasted marshmallow (preferably over an open fire) which is immediately placed upon a piece of chocolate which is setting on top of a graham cracker. Place another graham cracker on top, smush, and voila, a smore is created!

Sharon said...

Love that picture! Makes me wish you were one of OUR neighbors so we could come over and visit. Looks like a FINE evening.