Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's a Good Life

I was sitting out back smoking this morning while the dogs were doing their thing. Black cat (so original!) wandered over to the horse trough and hopped up to get a drink. The birds were singing, the critters seemed happy and I thought, "What a good life." Don't get me wrong, I still have all the problems the rest of the world (excepting maybe Bill Gates and Oprah) does, i.e., the economy, work, smoking (!), etc., but on the whole, it's good.

And this week gets even better! Yes, this week I get to see Bassman, some of my kids, and the Cutest Toddler in the World (it's her second birthday).

Speaking of whom, here's the sweetie showing her holiday spirit;

(Hmm, I guess she didn't care for the Halloween costume Granny sent her!)

As if all that weren't enough, I can also enjoy the fact that the high priced Doberman has remembered that meadow muffins (horse turds) are an epicurean treat! (Sorry, no photos [yet] to accompany that. You'll just have to imagine it.)

I know nothing can compare to that, but what do you have in your life that brings you happiness? (Hey! That's not rhetorical! I want some answers, dang it!)

P. S. I may have outdone myself with parentheses this time.


Ladyfromthewoods said...

Meadow muffins. I like that. Mine trots out to the chicken tractor with me every morning. For a while I thought she was just being a faithful companion. It took awhile to realize that my faithful companion was letting me walk back to the house alone while she ate the chicken droppings that I revealed from moving the coop. Coop cakes.

annest said...

I have a witty, creative friend like you whose pet antics and darling toddlers keep us all entertained. Thank you!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Coop cakes! Wow, did that make me laugh!
Anne, as always, you are way too kind.

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

family, family, family!! I have the best husband and son a woman could ask for!

I'm thankful for new bonds in old relationships..

I'm grateful for a mom that is wise and honest and funny. That I know I can call at any time and the distance between us disappears for a little while.

Mara said...

My cats. And they don't anybody's muffins or cakes or poops.

Kate said...

Love the WCT vid. Perhaps she wanted to be a butterfly instead?

Dogs eat the strangest things, though I could imagine worse things than horse poop!

I am grateful for a good internet connection, a campfire in the fire pit out back, my honey bunny, my kitties and my families and friendships.