Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perfect Timing

For 2010, I have been away from home more than I have been here. I have been gone so much that I have let a few things slide. Sometimes this has worked out for the best.

Hard to believe?

Perhaps. But imagine all the energy I saved by not setting my clock over the television forward. That's right, after last night it is no longer an hour slow. Right on time now.

Who says procrastination doesn't pay off?

This clock reminded me to update y'all. The frisbeetoy (cue heavenly choir) is once again being caught by the C-Dog. I'd hate to see you waste your extra hour fretting over that!


annest said...

I think I have a clock like that! Thanks for the reminder about time. Loved that extra hour. And glad the frisbee dog is back to her normal self.

Mara said...

There's one clock in the house I only change when the batteries are empty, so I really have to pay attention in the summer since it will be an hour slow!