Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Injured Reserve

We have experienced a bit of an upset this week. Somehow the big C-dog received a wound on her ear. I don't know if it was cat or fence inflicted but however she received it is a moot point.

We have covered the mess with flour, flour & sugar paste (the Vet's suggestion), and liquid bandage. The problem is every time she plays frisbeetoy (cue heavenly choir) it opens back up. So she hasn't played. For a few days.

She does not respond well to forced idleness. When outside, she carries the F.T. hoping someone will toss it. When she is inside, she tries to entice Comet (who, last I checked, is 180 years old) into a game of, well, anything. Needless to say that doesn't go over so well.

So tomorrow we will attempt the F.T. chases again hoping that the poultices don't need to be resumed.

Because a girl must have her diginity.


Snow Leopard said...

A speedy recovery to her. I am sure she will be catching frisbees soon.

Mara said...

Well she looks very pretty despite! I love the hair.

SherilinR said...

she looks lovely & serene with her long flowing locks. maybe she's meditating, trying to make someone play with her.

Misfit in Paradise said...

She's back to catching F.T's. And I think she had her eyes closed because she was wishing really, really hard for some quality play time.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Cute picture. I hope she feels better soon.