Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Hills Were Alive

with the sound of gunfire. I swear (or suwanee if I am using the southern vernacular) it sounded like a war out there today. Yes, today was the beginning of gun deer season.

I'm not a big fan. I was even less of a fan when I discovered that someone had put a hunting blind on my property and stocked it with one of my horse water tubs (they needed something to sit on you know). I had given my neighbors permission to hunt on my land but that setup was not theirs. I called the sheriff and he told if I knew who the people who had placed it there were, I should go talk to them. I told him I wasn't crazy about talking to trespassers who liked to play with guns, so he said he would do it. He also told me if they didn't remove it, I could.

Whatever he did must have worked because the blind was gone today. They did leave my horse tub but they didn't bother to put it back where it belonged. Aggravating.

And yes, there were some deer shot on my property today but it was by the people I had allowed to hunt. Fuchsia is pleased because she is hoping to get some venison out of it (which will be all hers because I am not interested, thank you).

Now I have to follow up on my last post. When I made the comments about blue bloods I forgot that was a bit of an inside joke. UK's colors (the real one, not the posers) are blue and white. But mostly blue.

Me and Dennis Miller. Our references are always too obscure!

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Mara said...

A property that big? Wow, I've got one small garden and that is plenty big for me. And no hunting here either. There's barely enough room to swing a cat...