Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy

UK, which as all good blue bloods know does NOT stand for United Kingdom (posers) but instead for the University of Kentucky, has a clinical trial which screens (through internal ultrasounds) for ovarian cancer. To be entered in the study you must be A) Female with ovaries, 2) over 50 or, C) have a close female relative who has had ovarian cancer. I have been taking part for 4 years now (as long as I have been female?) and today was the day for my yearly screening.

Driving into Lexington is always a challenge for a country dweller like me. Lots of traffic and everyone going screaming fast to make it to the next light which immediately turns red. Add to that the fact that I had to drive to the center of a HUGE campus with a HUGE hospital with something near 10,000,000,000 students who believe as pedestrians they are entitled to not get hit by a car (more posers) and you can understand why my blood pressure gets a tad elevated. Oh, and did I mention the one tiny parking lot that you have to know the secret code (and address) to get into? Yeah, good times.

But I did make it and I did have a normal screen and all the pedestrians survived. A win-win-win situation.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, I felt some shopping was called for. So I stopped and made the one purchase which will make the entire household happy.

Groceries? A new car? Clothing from this decade? C'mon now, you're not even trying! Put some thought into it!

This is what I bought;

Because you know the old saying. If C-dog ain't happy then nobody is happy.


Mara said...

I stand corrected in the UK department! Sorry if I ever used it wrongly, but then again, the blue blood of my past has so long had to deal with red, there's not much blue left!

Good to hear no pedestrians were hurt in the making of this post!

annest said...

That is one lucky dog!!

bettyl said...

It kinda makes you wonder what (or if) folks are thinking when the walk around or just get out on the street side of the car! We all appreciate that they are still walking.

And I know the dog feels better, too!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thanks for your comments! They make my day.