Saturday, October 30, 2010

Uncivilized Behavior

Yesterday I once again decided it was a good day to ride the little horsies. Daydream I can saddle and hop on but LD takes a bit more time. I lunge her first.

For the non-horse people who may read this blog, lungeing is something akin to a low speed chase (think O.J.) around an enclosed area. I don't use a tape (something shown in the above photo). Instead I let the horse loose and 'chase' it from the center of the ring. The entire time, I walk in small circles to keep the animal moving.

With LD, I keep that up until she is ready to settle down and relax. Some days that is only a few minutes but yesterday it wasn't. She was in no mood to cooperate so I walked and walked and walked. By the time she was ready, I was exhausted. Tired enough that the actual riding time was fairly short.

I was sore later that evening so I decided to climb in the Jacuzzi for some relaxing of my own. Hot, hot water that turned my skin a lovely shade of red. Dim lighting (a jack o' lantern in the window). No noise. Sigh. Nice.

Next thing I knew, someone was snoring loud enough to wake me up. Why would anyone disturb me that way? Rude, rude, rude.

Except the only person in the room was myself.

Dang. I hate it when that happens.


Mara said...

Aren't you scared of drowning?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Nah. I'm pretty sure I would wake up if my face got wet.