Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Cross This Line

I woke up this morning with a fat, sore lip. It felt stiff and when I touched it, I noticed there was something on it.

Blood. Along with a small hole off to the side.

Apparently my sleeping companion decided I was taking up a little too much room last night (on a king size bed!) and gave me a swipe to get me back over to my own side.

Ya' gotta love those kitties.


Mara said...

When my alarmclock has gone off about three times and there's the danger of me waking up, Sophie will sometimes sit next to my face and extend a little claw and gently touch my face.

Fortunately it's never resulted in a fat and/or bloody lip.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

oh my god!
well at least I know I can rob you blind and you'll sleep through it?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Uh, no. That cat will kick your ass!