Friday, September 10, 2010

Why I Can't Sleep At Night

My oldest daughter is an insurance wonk. She is my homeowner's agent so when she told me to read my policy I did.

Know what I discovered? A glaring lapse in coverage on certain issues. Such as volcanoes. Now I know that the nearest one is 2000 miles away but still. Don't you think they should give me the option?

No coverage for nuclear (both war and reactors) and tsunamis either. Sure there haven't been any issues for decades (kinda'. Near as I know Kentucky has NEVER had to face a tidal wave) but I think I should be protected. Just in case.

Because you never know. California (and Nevada,Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri) could fall off after a major earthquake and there I'd be a mere 250 miles from the coast.

Scary stuff.


Mara said...

I just realised I need a dinghy! After all I live below sealevel and if Hansje Brinker is not available that day (after all, he has to be in school most days), I might be in trouble. And tomorrow is Sunday and all the shops will be closed.


Misfit in Paradise said...

All I can say Mara is that you had better start building!

Magali said...

Hi ha nice post. They should protect us from Zombie apocalypses too!