Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rationalization (Or As I Like To Call It, Whining)

Well dang, it happened again. I blew the daily post thing. I spent all afternoon yesterday getting ready for the fair (after I drove an hour to pick up the photos from the frame shop), then went to dinner with Fuchsia, came home, put a movie in, and passed out on the couch 1/3 of the way through the movie. Which left this blog unattended. So now I suffer the guilt and remorse of not making the commitment once again. However, just because I messed that up does not mean I will leave you in the lurch. Nay, fear not. I will merely revise the goal to be every day but one.

I watched the movie Nine tonight (the musical not the sci-fi thing). I liked it but I 'm pretty sure that no one else in the house would. It had an All That Jazz feel (another one I liked but, then again, how can you go wrong with Roy Scheider?). At this moment (NOW), I have the song 'Be Italian' (from the movie) floating around in my head. It will probably be there for at least two days.

Or maybe not. Because tomorrow night is Dropkick Murphy's! Who, I believe, are the direct opposite of Broadway musicals. Well, every musical except for American Idiot (Go Green Day!),


Stacy said...

I would probably like the movie! I know I'm not in the house though.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Hmm... I am not so sure you would. Weirdness abounds throughout.