Monday, June 7, 2010

Immigrant (Emigrant?)

Two weeks ago, right after I got home, a male cat showed up at my door. He seemed like a nice cat, certainly a hungry cat, and I thought he was moving in. I took a few pictures, made the mental commitment of having another outside cat and began the befriending process. Apparently I was not his type because two days later he was gone.

Today I went outside to do my 'chores' and I heard a cat meowing fairly near my head. It sounded like Silky so I called out to her, "Hey Silky Wilky, what's up?" (I know you all are enthralled by my witty dialogue).

Needless to say, Silky didn't answer. Not only did she not respond but she had turned into a solid black cat. I don't own a black cat. Even Mr. See Ya' cat was a tabby.

She (it?) was pretty skinny so of course I had to get her some catfood. Which she greatly appreciated. She spent the whole day just hanging around outside with me. Cool.

She must approve of this place because even as I type (NOW Nablopomo!) she is downstairs knocking on the door.


Mara said...

Fortunately no skinny cats come knocking on my door. I have indoor cats and adding another would be war! But if I were to live in the country without weird people trying to poison cats or use them as footballs, outside cats would be okay...

Good luck with your newest addition!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thanks. I haven't checked yet to see if she is still there.

Kate said...

Ooh, more kitties! Hooray.