Thursday, May 27, 2010

O Happy Day!

We arrived home (did I tell you how glad I am to be home?) the same time the heat did. Not a kinda' warm Colorado thing but a 'Girl, I ain't playing' declaration. Just way hot.

I have actually been enjoying it a bit ( I still complain cuz' that's what we humans do) but not everyone in the household has. Specifically the Frisbeetoy (cue heavenly choir) chasing member. With all this land to run in and all this temperature, the poor girl has been worn right out. It doesn't help matters that the Cruella pool got stepped in by the horses one too many times and is now in pieces scattered about the back yard.

Today, however, was the 'changing day in her life' (with apologies to Dr. Phil). A new Cruella pool arrived.

Here she is combining two of the pleasures in her life,

The only thing missing in her list of happy things is the biscuits (a word best spoken in a soft whisper).


Mara said...

That is certainly a happy look! Hopefully the heat will be going down a bit (only a bit, you don't want to be freezing now)

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Our neighbors got a dog so I bought a small pool for I am a bit in love with him. At any rate, he won't sit in it...I even tried to lure him by throwing his favorite toys in it, no luck.

So, Yay to cruella..she's braver than I thought! She is showing that water who's boss!