Thursday, March 25, 2010


For 14 years I have lived in the south. Spring in the south begins one week with very warm temperatures and the next week everything in the world is in bloom. It explodes (bad news for those with allergies).

This year, however, I am in a northern climate. Spring kind of teases you along. One day 70, the next, snow. One day you notice buds and three weeks later those doggone buds are still there.

The calendar says spring, the chickadees have their mating voices, and the forecast is calling for sleet. I'm just hoping the weather makes up its mind by June.


Kate said...

Welcome to my world in Maine! Yesterday, 50, today, 20.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Sure does make me miss the south!

Heather A Posey said...

I live in the South too and you're's an all of a sudden type thing!

Misfit in Paradise said...

And it's wonderful!