Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of the blogs I read (and unfortunately I can't remember which one) mentioned a couple of times about getting postcards from Postcrossing. I love getting snail mail, international mail is the cat's pajamas, and a postcard is a small enough commitment that I have no qualms about agreeing to send a few. I had to check it out.

Postcrossing is free. You register, give a bit of info about yourself (so the people who send to you will have some idea what to write), and request an address to send off a postcard. As soon as someone registers a postcard that you have sent you become the next in line to have your address given out.

At this point I have sent 13 and received 7 only one of which was from the US (thank heavens so many people speak English!). The majority have come from Asia.

My investment in this has been the cost of postcards and the $.98 international stamps. Bassman would probably say this is one of the cheapest hobbies I have begun!


Mara said...

Oooh, don't get too complacent there! It cost me quite a bit in the end, sending up to ten postcards at a time! I always wanted cards that depicted someone famous from that country and received some great cards: American presidents, Italian sculptors and the Thai King and Queen! My bedroom wall was quite filled by them all...

Betsy said...

very cool idea! ~ maybe some day I'll join in the fun! (love your blog too!)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Mara - Did you quit sending them?

Betsy - Thank you. For the comment and for following!