Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Settling In

I find I am still trying to relearn how to breathe up here. It has been a bit over two weeks and I am getting a tad tired of the gasping and wheezing. My only consolation is that Cruella can't play for as long as she used to either so it ain't just me. Have faith, we will work it out.

These two weeks have been internet and phone chaos. Fuchsia needs a high speed connection for work and I assumed (there I go again) that cable would be the fastest bet. Uh, nope. We tried it for a week but it wasn't fast enough. We even did the speed test at speednet.com (much to the cable companies chagrin). So out goes the cable internet and the landline phone and back comes DSL. Which, come hell or high water (no danger of that here!), will be what we stick with for the rest of our duration in Colorado.

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