Thursday, February 4, 2010

Noah's Mini Ark

Did I mention the animals? Two cats and two dogs that were not the happiest of travelers. Cruella and Comet had to share the same space (for their own bizarre reasons because they had the whole back seat) for the majority of the ride.

Cupid spent the entire time she was in the car in the cat carrier. The door was open but she wouldn't come out. Ziggy had no such qualms.

She made happy noises for a great deal of the 1400 miles.

And speaking of animals, here is someone who was lucky enough to meet several of them!

The next major city we hit was Kansas City. Due to extreme vigilance on my part we actually stayed on the route we were supposed to which meant no downtown visitations. We did get to see this baseball on the side of the road;

We also passed the Kansas City Star;

After that? Well duh, Kansas!

The hills were a bit more rolling than I had expected which was a pleasant surprise. Well, at least for the first couple of hundred miles. After that, flat and not very colorful. Fuchsia decided we should play 20 questions and her first statement was, "I spot something brown.." Cracked us up for miles.


Kate said...

You brought your animals? Oh boy, that must be fun! Especially the cats..

Misfit in Paradise said...

They are very happy that we are not getting into the car every day now!