Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ark Checks In

It was difficult finding hotels that would allow pets. If they did, they charged extra and had some serious regulations. The one hotel stated, '2 animals max and a total of 25 lbs." I told Fuchsia she was going to have to carry Cruella into that one.

But she didn't. Instead, we parked as far fom the front door as we could (and one of our rooms was directly off the lobby so, boy howdy, that was fun) and shuttle the critters in. First dogs, then cats, then the almighty litter box.

Once everyone was settled, Fuchsia and I would look for someplace nearby to have dinner. Of course I worried the entire time that the dogs would be barking their fool heads off, effectively blowing our cover. Very stressful.

But not for all of us.

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