Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So now I am here and trying to teach my lungs how to work when there is no air to breathe. Or get my body to adjust to the fact that even though the temperature isn't that high, the fact that we are now FIVE INCHES FROM THE SUN makes everything feel a bit toastier.

Montrose is high desert. Dry (average precipitation of any kind is less than 10 inches a year) and brown yet completely surrounded with beautiful snow capped mountains. Bigger than the Kentucky paradise I am used to but smaller than Hilton Head.

A Target (oh yeah!). A Payless (oh double yeah!). Even a Chili's which, I have discovered, has a hamburger good enough to beat Cap't. Woody's (who'd a thunk?)! And across the street is a trace that is home to a boatload of ducks. Who love me very much.

As long as I remember to bring the bread.


Stacy said...

Sacrilege! Hethen! To discredit the o'mighty Woody's burger!

Misfit in Paradise said...

But...but it's true!