Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Leg

Fuchsia wanted to drive through the Rockies so I wouldn't kill us trying to take photos and drive at the same time. That was fine with me, so I handed over the keys.

We called 511 before we left the hotel and the forecast called for clear with ice pack in the mountain passes. Since the day was warm and sunny we assumed the ice would be gone by the time we hit the high spots.

Silly us.

From Limon to Colorado Springs was a piece of cake. We saw an owl (or a BAB as we took to calling them. For Big A**Bird) sitting on a fence post and I took the obligatory zillion photos of the mountains in the distance.

Then we hit the curvy climbing roads. Absolutely stunning.

Until we got into the shade. Where we discovered they weren't kidding about the ice pack.

I should give you a little background on Fuchsia at this point. She smokes like a chimney, she is a world champion f-bomb thrower, and if she sits too long she MUST BEGIN TO FIDGET (keeps the blood clots from forming you know). Add to that the fact that she never drives my car with me in it and you can almost predict the explosion.

Until we got into the shade. Then her tension escalated but she didn't dare take her hands off the steering wheel. Not to smoke, or fidget, or gesture at any other driver who dared to be on the road with us. Just pure terror.

I am no pro at ice driving in my light weight Honda car but I did offer to drive.


Okay then.

The dry/icy alternation continued all the way through Monarch Pass.

After we descended and got a few clear miles under our belts the cigarettes came out, the gestures were record setting, and her language became trashier than I ever hope to accomplish. By the time we got to Montrose, she left the car and sat in the kitchen. Vibrating. And smoking. And relating to Bassman all the details of our trip complete with hand gestures and world class cussing.

Truth be told, I was just as scared as she had been. Even with that though, I know if I had been driving I still would have been trying to take photos.

So good call Fuchsia.


Patty said...

Hey, Donna--I got on your blog to look at the Lost in Liberty boys and saw your recent entries regarding your trip. Absolutely love both the pics and the commentary--what a writer you are. I've never been out West but the photos would surely make a feller want to see them Rockies. Have a wonderful trip--I know you'll love being with your family.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thanks Patty. I'm so glad you stopped by.