Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Open Letter to Stacy

Dear Stacy,

How are you? I am fine. But sometimes I get cold. Especially my feet.

Misfit was worried about me so she bought me some baby socks, size 6 - 18 months. They fit real nice and now my feet aren't so cold.

Can you send me all the socks the Cutest Toddler in the World has outgrown? I will wear them all the time except when I go outside. Then I will have to be barefoot. Sigh.

Thank you so much for everything. Don't forget to write back to me. And if you want to, you can even have the mean cat that is sitting behind me.

I love you bestest.



Stacy said...

Dear Cruella, Oh how I miss you! I will be happy to send you socks, I was actually going to throw them away so I am so happy that someone else will have a use for them. I appreciate the offer of the kitty behind you, but you are right she is mean and I can't have her attacking the cutest toddler in the world. Big Kisses! Stacy

Sally said...

LOL! Baby socks-what an idea...

annest said...

Who could resist such a sweet note from the sweetest Doberman in the world?