Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southern Paradise

I have moved south for a few weeks. I wanted to blog about it earlier but I was trying to surprise my daughter. Trust me, she was super surprised when I walked into her bathroom while she was in the tub! She never expected that!

My neighbors are staying at my house and taking care of the critters again. Who could ask for better neighbors?

I will give you more of an update shortly. For now I appear to have the same bronchial malady I had last month. So it's off to bed for me so I can get my 22 hours of sleep.

P. S. You can find me in Shipyard!

1 comment:

annest said...

So great you had your surprise entrance! HOpe you are feeling better. Book is in the mail. Take care!! Oh.. neighbors got their donuts (I picked up from Judy). All is well. Can't wait for you to see my redecorated living room!