Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Latest Dive Into the Deep End of the Pool

Because I am so good at getting in over my head (i.e. photographer) I decided to see if I could get some live music happening in our tiny town. The mayor gave me the okay for the Village Green gazebo along with the city supplying electricity (because I don't know any a cappella acts doggone it!). The next challenge would be finding musicians willing to play for donations.

I asked my wonderful neighbors (Casey County's version of a modern Von Trapp family!) and a young man I work with (rock & roll). Both of them agreed. Am I lucky or what?

I still had 2 dates to fill so tonight I went over to Uncle Bob's restaurant in Stanford for their open mic night.

What a treat that was! Outstanding aesthetics, decent food, and more musicians than you could shake a stick at! A person I met through work was there and he introduced me to several other performers, one of whom agreed to take the September 7th date.

This has all gone so smoothly that I am pensive about the impending disaster with my name on it that must be out there. Or perhaps I used all my chaotic karma at the wedding and this really is good to go!

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P.S. Hurt or Nine Inch Nails- if you are reading this, I can offer you the date of September 14th!


Kate said...

What a funky spot for an open mic.
Pretty cool of you, now becoming a concert promoter..

Hey, I'm following Trent on Twitter.. want me to ask him for you? :)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Of course!

Louise said...

what a cool place !

Misfit in Paradise said...

I will be going back!

annest said...

The folks of Liberty are really exciting about her Monday Musicale.....

Misfit in Paradise said...

I am hoping so!